the greek god titan created man from clay but it was the goddess Athena
that breathed life into them.


Our mission is to build better futures while reimaging how teams work. We help entrepreneurs get back some of the time they’re spending working 16 hours a day just to keep their businesses above water. We aim to give them the necessary support to thrive in a global economy. At the same time, we offer people from struggling economies the ability to have a wage that’s well above their standard while also providing benefits, treating them as team members instead of outsourced virtual assistants.

Less work, more love

We are firm believers that you shouldn't work harder, just smarter. You shouldn't have to work 15 hours every day to fulfil your dreams, choosing between your business or your family. We want you to set fireproof systems in place so your company can keep going and growing without you controlling every single action. We understand that business is important, but is not everything - just focus on the important stuff about it and let us help you with the rest.


We care for #BuildingBetterFutures

At Athyna, we believe that we as a company are responsible for the impact we have on our planet, so we have pledged to give back 1% of our yearly income to high impact nonprofits that work tirelessly to bring forth the change we need in our world.

Interested in #ReimaginingTeams?

Hire a remote staff member for your team and forget about hustling all day! Having a remote employee will improve your business, turning it into a 24 hour productivity machine. You will have more time for you, your company and your family. You will be able to grow beyond your dreams without the need to burn yourself working 16 hours a day. Click the button below if you’re ready to take the leap.

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